Tom Green BSc

BSc Sport Science Exercise and Health Management 2010- 2012
FdSc Sport Performance and Personal Training 2008- 2010
REPs level 3 Personal Trainer
REPs level 3 Programming and Supervising Exercise with Disabled Clients
REPs level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor
REPs level 3 Exercise Referral
REPs Training for Older Adults
Emergency First Aid (Sport)
Enhanced DBS check
Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention
NSPCC Child Protection in Schools

Professional Experience

I have worked in the fitness industry since 2010 and specialised in disability training since 2012 with my parent company TG fitness limited. In this time I have worked with hundreds of students as a SEN PE teacher and clients as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. While gaining this experience working with a wide range of medical conditions and disabilities I realised the need for a holistic training method to see my clients maximise their potential and achieve their desired outcomes. The solution was never just an exercise programme but a well-rounded approach taking into account their state of change and dietary habits. I have since developed numerous strategies for a truly holistic service increasing my client’s wellbeing.

My story

Like many teenage boys, I enjoyed sports and exercise and was driven on improving my performance and my aesthetics. I played on most of the school sports teams and was competing in many tournaments, engaging in extracurricular activities and preparing for my GCSE’s. Life was good and I had very little concerns or worries. Then at 14 years of age, I was diagnosed with a debilitating fatiguing condition which left me bed bound for 12 months.

It became one of the most challenging times in my life and I was faced with the struggle of finding a meaningful source of self-esteem with incredibly low self-efficacy. To make the situation worse my condition was not diagnosed for 6 months which left me having to defend my genuine symptoms to school teachers and GP’s. Fortunately, I have an extraordinary mother who offered support when most others would not. I was eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). When I was able to place a label on the symptoms I was suffering from all other professionals stopped questioning whether I was off school for legitimate reasons but I had little support and no cure. I was left to manage the condition myself, a significant challenge for a young 14-year-old mind.

As a result of this experience, I have developed a series and physiological and psychological management techniques to manage stress and anxiety and maximise productivity. It’s said that less than 5% of people diagnosed with CFS recover, I believe that in my case I have not recovered but have learned to manage the condition.

You too can manage your body and mind and fulfill your true potential!